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Finance at Friezland

An update from Duncan Ross

Following the completion of our Parish Income Survey earlier this year, our Parish Share for Friezland Parish in 2014 has been set at £34,429.00.

As most of you will know, Parish Share is the way the Diocese calculates what each parish needs to contribute to the total cost of running the Church of England in the Manchester Diocese. The vast bulk of this money goes toward providing Ministry to all our Parishes and Church Schools.

Unlike central and local government the Church of England does not tell people what it expects them to pay. What is does do is ask people to tithe their giving by donating 5% of their income to charities and 5% to their parish church.

Our average weekly attendance during 2012 was 57.5 people. If we were to divide the £34,429.00 Parish Share between that average attendance the weekly contribution would need to be £11.51 per person just to pay the Parish Share. More would be needed to cover our own running costs for Friezland. Obviously we all have different incomes and some will be able to give more than others. For a person on State Pension of £5,727.80 per year, 5% of that amount would be £5.50 per week. For a person earning the national average of £26,500 per year, 5% of that would be £25.48 per week.

From the information we all gave during the Income Survey the average income for our congregation is £16,122.00 per year.

Multiplying our average weekly attendance of 57.5 people by 5% of £16,122.00, which is £15.50 per week works out at £46,350.75.

In 2012 we only managed to pay £25,861.72 in Parish Share, which was 88% of the amount required. (£5,661.00 of this was claimed back from HMRC as Gift Aid)

If parishes like ours continue to contribute less than we are being asked for then ultimately it may result in there being less Clergy to lead us in our spiritual lives and fewer churches for us to worship in.

I do not dare to try to tell anyone what they should give to the Church, or anywhere else but I do believe that we should all have as much information about the situation as possible so that we can prayerfully seek God’s guidance as we consider our response to the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for our Church.